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EBE's Royal Kindergarten Tea Party

Posted Date: 03/01/2024

EBE's Royal Kindergarten Tea Party

On March 1st  in the kingdom of EBE, a royal decree was issued to deem the day the second annual regal kindergarten tea party.  At the tea party, all of our young princesses and princes from across our EBE kindergarten  kingdom arrived in all of their royal garments and were joined by their lords and ladies from across this wide spanse of Beauregard.  Their royal entrances were sounded by the King’s trumpeter.  The King and Queen of EBE were in attendance to oversee the royal procession as well as partake in the tea.  The King welcomed all of the other royalty that came from outside of the kingdom to make the event more special.  The guests enjoyed their spot of tea and their decadent snacks with their princesses and princes.  This was an amazing event for the EBE Kingdom.

Princesses at the royal tea party Tea Party host welcoming guests.

King and Queen of EBE

Our royal counselor is enjoying a spot of tea with several princes.

The royal tea party in action.