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Tips for Comforting Children and Coping during CoVid 19 Crisis

Tips taken from (original article by Wendy Russell)

1. Make children feel safe.  Children take their cues from the adults in their life.  Maintaining an informed, yet calm stance will help all navigate these unfamiliar waters.

2. Communicate with children.  They will have questions.  Validate their concerns and give them some time to discuss.  (Make age appropriate; older children will be able to understand more of the details.) Keep your child’s developmental stage and temperament in mind here.  Some children may be more anxious than others.  

3. Give them power and responsibility.  Talk about what we can do to protect our health.  Proper handwashing, hygiene, etc.

4. Teach children to look for the helpers!  There are heroes and acts of kindness to take from every situation.  Point these inspiring stories out!  Focus on the positive.

5. Try to maintain a normal routine. Make a schedule.  Keep busy and active.  

6. Consider adjusting screen time.  As much as we like to watch the news and stay informed, realize that we will all need a brain break from this information. (especially our children)

7. Parents and caregivers, take care of yourself.  Again, our children take their cues from us, so unplug and find ways to cope with this stressful situation yourself.  (spending time outside, time with a pet, music, or reading a good book, skyping with friends and family.)

*****Social Emotional Learning Sites and Possible Resources ****   

Parents, you know your child best.  Always preview the following resources and see if it will be beneficial for your individual child.

Social Story Short Videos to teach Social Skills:

   Coping and anxiety resources:

Growth Mindset:

Covid 19 Resources:

Career Exploration


Just for Fun Learning!  Visit this site for virtual recess with fun activities for our kids during this time.

                                       Crystal Ryan

            Hello!  My name is Crystal Ryan, and I would like to tell you a little about myself, so that you may get to know me better.

            I am from Dry Creek, Louisiana, and I am a proud EBHS graduate.  I graduated from Northwestern State University with a B.A. in Elementary Education.  I obtained my Master of Arts in School Counseling from Western Kentucky University.   This is my 19th year in education.  I was an elementary classroom teacher for nine years, and I have spent the last nine years as a school counselor.  I feel my goal in education is to help all children succeed, and it is truly a blessing to work with children every day.

            I am married and have two children of my own.  As a family, we enjoy traveling to new places, watching movies, and just spending time together.  I look forward to working with you and your children!  It will be a great year of learning!



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